This is a song I made for a Song Production course when I was studying at Musitechnic.
We were supposed to work in groups but very soon, the circumstances forced me to take charge of the project and I ended up doing almost everything myself.  Since the group decided at the beginning to make a Pop song about going out and partying the weekend, I had to continue with that concept.
It was a very interesting experience to go out of my comfort zone to create this song.  


If you are French Canadian, there’s a chance you might know the reality show “Occupation Double”.
When Epic PopCorn made a parody, they asked me to write a theme song for the second season of their show; so this is the first episode of the season.
Yes, it’s in French! …and no, there’s no subtitles or English version, sorry!  (vous pouvez aller sur leur site pour regarder les autres épisodes)