This was one of my Sound Design projects while I was studying at Musitechnic.  I knew I had to pick this video from the first time I saw it.  It reminds me of one of my favorite comic strips: Calvin & Hobbes.
I had a lot of fun doing all the noises and sound effects; and of course, I enjoyed composing the music as well.   It still is one of my favorites!


“Enemy of Rome” was a Montreal-based web series project aiming to produce a first season of 15 drama episodes set in the ancient roman empire.

As a big fan of epic and emotional music, I was so excited by the challenge of creating a musical identity for a whole series.  Unfortunately, the project was cancelled but here you have some images from the first try of a pilot episode, and you can also listen to the album I released with the music I had composed for the series.


Here’s is a darker and heavier track that was released for Halloween last year. It also is my first collaboration with the sweet and talented Elvya.

You can listen to the single at  Bandcamp,   Spotify and  Deezer.  Also available on iTunes and Google Play


Here I did the opposite: instead of composing music for a video, I first composed the song and then I made the videoclip to illustrate the ideas and images I had in my head when I was composing the song.


I loved the movie “The Crow” since the first time I saw it. Of course, there’s the action and its gothic ambiance; but above all, there’s the story of Eric and Shelly, which has a stronger and deeper meaning when you know the story of James O’Barr, the creator of the Comic book that inspired the movie.

Here I worked on both aspects of the video almost simultaneously: I composed the music having in mind some scenes of the movie, and then I edited the different scenes to match the music I had just composed.


I really like the ambiance of the night – so quiet and peaceful – and I always wanted to make a videoclip inspired by it, using timelapse footage.  
So when the time came to do it, I realized that there was one of my songs that had been gathering dust for years that was just perfect for that project. Actually, the song didn’t even had a name but it really represented the magic that happens at the very moment of the break of the dawn!