A little selection of tracks with different moods

MAY THE GODS FAVOUR YOU - Orchestral/ Epic - mysterious, adventure
ELVEN WHISPERS - New Age - fantasy, ethereal
DARKNESS - Electronic/ Dark Ambient - suspense, horror, gothic
COLORS OF SPRING - Orchestral/ New Age - inspiring, uplifting
ECHOES - Electronic/ Ambient - space, mysterious
FOREVER BY YOUR SIDE - Orchestral - emotional, romantic
FREEDOM - Orchestral/ Celtic - inspiring, uplifting
CONFRONTATION - Orchestral/ Epic - suspense, adventure
APHELION - Electronic/ Synthwave - sci-fi, space, upbeat

Listen to the full albums:


Music for picture, sound design and video editing

I loved this video from the first time I saw it. It reminds me of one of my favorite comic strips: Calvin & Hobbes.
I had a lot of fun designing all the noises and sound effects… and, of course, composing the music.

Dance of Steel” is a short film for which I composed the music. Presently, the film still need some post production work and I don’t know when it’s going to be released.
However, the director kindly allowed me to post the opening credits sequence and also to include some of the music I had composed in my album “Darkness & Light”.

“Enemy of Rome” was a project aiming to produce a 15 episode web series set in the ancient roman empire.

I was very excited by the challenge of creating a musical identity for a whole series but unfortunately the project was cancelled.

Here you have some images from the first try of a pilot episode, and you can also listen to  the album I released with the music I had composed.

I loved the movie  “The Crow” since the first time I watched it. There’s action and a dark gothic ambiance; but there’s also a love story, which has a stronger and deeper meaning when you know  the story  of  James O’Barr, the creator of the  Comic book that inspired the movie.

So, for this video, I tried to compose some music that could represent the tragic love story of Eric and Shelly.

Here, instead of composing music for a video, I first composed the music and then I edited together several scenes from space battles to make a videoclip that illustrates the mood of the music.

“A high priest trying to attain perfection began some dark experiments. Then, he and his followers fled to the desert, where they built hidden labs where they continue to create monstrous abominations”.

Those where the instructions I was given to compose the music for the ad of the first collectible miniature by  Cernunnos Studio. 

There’s also a longer version I released as a  Single.

To compose this piece, I was given a storyboard specifying the time of each scene and several photos of the cards and the decorations that were going to be used for the video. 

Later I made a longer version that I released as a Single.

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Hi, I’m Oz Nelson and I’m an ‘epic cinematic’ music composer based in Montreal, Canada.

I compose, arrange and produce everything myself at my home studio. I have several influences that you can hear in my music but perhaps the biggest ones are Orchestral film music and New-age.

My new album  “Ad Astra” is inspired by Science-fiction and Space, so I’m using a lot of synthesizer sounds, like Tangerine Dream, Michel Jarre, Vangelis, etc. in the late 70’s and 80’s.

If you want to listen to something cinematic and orchestral, inspired by Fantasy and ancient stories, try “Darkness & Light” …or “Enemy of Rome”.

If you prefer something more New-Age and relaxing, then you should listen to “A New Beginning”

Thanks and Happy listening!